A New Era for the Music Industry
24 Jun, 2023

A New Era

The music industry continues to evolve, bringing its share of challenges and opportunities for artists and industry professionals alike. In the digital age, one platform stands out by offering an innovative approach to solving the industry's current problems: SPACE MUSIC.

What is Space Music?

Space Music is an innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) platform dedicated to music. It offers a feature-rich environment designed to facilitate the development and growth of artists and businesses in the music sector. Accessible via a web and mobile application, Space Music offers three account types: Listener, Professional and Artist, each category offering features tailored to its specific needs.

Space Music's Unique Proposition

What sets Space Music apart from its competitors is its unique value proposition. Designed as a social network specifically for the music industry, it offers integrated digital tools that simplify and optimize the creation, promotion, distribution, sales and remuneration processes for artists and professionals.

Promotion and Distribution

Thanks to Space Music, promoting and distributing musical content has never been easier. Artists and professionals can publish their audio, video, image and text creations on a dedicated news feed, and also cross-post their publications to other social networks and streaming platforms. The Space Link tool offers a unique solution for sharing an artist's Space Music profile as well as all their other platforms, promoting a more coherent and broader online presence.

Sales and Compensation

Space Music tackles the crucial issue of sales and remuneration in a revolutionary way. Artists can market their work in a variety of ways, including selling exclusive subscriptions, single products, tickets to online or in-person events, and even creating and selling NFTs using the platform's Web3 tools. The platform guarantees a fair distribution of revenues thanks to a unique approach that rewards both content creators and copyright holders.

Networking and Community

Space Music also offers a space for networking and community building. Artists can collaborate with other professionals, exchange with fans, share content and even establish secure contracts thanks to the smart contracts integrated into the platform. Statistics bring together all performance data on a single platform, offering a global view of the artist's impact on streaming platforms and social networks.

Into the future

With full commissioning scheduled for the first quarter of 2025, Space Music aims to position itself significantly in the music industry landscape. Faced with a constantly evolving industry, Space Music is committed to being at the forefront of this change, offering an adaptive platform that meets the changing demands of artists and industry professionals alike.

Space Music is currently going through a crucial stage in its development, and is about to embark on a third round of financing. The aim is to raise 3 million euros from private investors, as well as via a crowdfunding campaign within its community. Today, some 526 music industry players actively support Space Music by subscribing to TITAN.

It's worth noting that, even before the release of a minimum viable product (MVP), the founders managed to raise 100,000 euros in the first round of financing, followed by an equivalent sum in the second round. These two initial rounds brought together some 47 investors, all of whom were won over by Space Music's vision and convinced of its potential to revolutionize the music industry.


526 Titans

Soutiennent Space Music

Space Music: the main artery of the music industry

By integrating all the functionalities required for creation, promotion, distribution, sales and remuneration into a single platform, Space Music aims to position itself as the main artery for the music industry. Instead of dispersing their efforts across various platforms, artists and professionals can centralize their activities on Space Music, enabling them to be more efficient and productive.

What sets Space Music apart from other industry players is its holistic approach. Rather than focusing on a single aspect of the music industry, Space Music aims to bring together all industry players, creating a dynamic, interconnected ecosystem. By enabling artists, professionals and listeners to interact and collaborate on a single platform, Space Music fosters the creation of synergies and the growth of the industry as a whole.

As we enter a new era in the music industry, Space Music is ready to lead the revolution, offering innovative solutions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. We are determined to continue innovating, evolving and supporting the growth of the music industry. With Space Music, the future of the music industry looks bright.

Join us on this exciting journey and discover how Space Music can transform your musical career and your musical experience.

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